Speaker Wire Terminations

Boost the performance of speaker wire connections in seconds. This patented technology terminates speaker wire faster that any other method in existence. It saves minutes per connection by eliminating the need for measuring and stripping insulation. Cutting individual wire strands which degrades audio integrity is eliminated. The 24 KT gold plated super conductive center pin makes contact with the strands internally with high torque compression for maximum electrical flow while creating a natural barrier to oxidation and corrosion. And, it requires no tools.

Speaker Terminal Plugs

In less than 30 seconds, you can improve the electrical integrity of a speaker wire connection with Centerpin Speaker Terminal Plugs. No Measuring, No Stripping, No Tools.

  • Banana Terminal Plugs
  • Pin Terminal Plugs
  • Spade Terminal Plugs

Wall Plate Splice /Splice Module

The Centerpin Wall Plate Splice optimizes performance and eliminates the need to buy additional connectors at the same time. The in-wall and external speaker wires are joined internally by a double ended gold plated pin. Installing each speaker wire takes only seconds and requires no tools or experience

Home Theater Speaker Wiring System

The Centerpin home theater speaker wiring system can save an hour or more of frustrating measuring and stripping individual wires for installation. With this system, you can terminate 24 banana plugs and customize speaker wire lengths, all in less than 5 minutes.

Package Suggestions:

  1. 24 Gold Plated Pin Plug Terminals (12 sets for 5 speakers, 1 subwoofer) 100 feet speaker wire (16 gauge)
  2. 20 Gold Plated Banana Plug Terminals (10 sets for 5 speakers) 100 feet speaker wire (14 gauge)