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Over the last fifteen years, Centerpin Technology, Inc. has developed better solutions for terminating coaxial and electrical connector products in a variety of industry categories. This innovation has spawned new product advantages for its licensees such as superior quality, harsh environment toughness and simplified installations. The patented technology makes it much easier and faster for consumer installations and reduces labor cost for commercial installers in the field. Through its licensing partners, 61 products have been successfully introduced in the consumer electronics, commercial, marine, automotive and military industries.

Rip Hanks
Founder & President/CEO

Rip Hanks

Rip Hanks is Founder & President/CEO of Centerpin Technology, Inc.

Rip Hanks is founder and President/CEO of Centerpin Technology, Inc. He graduated from the University of Florida in 1985 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Advertising. In 1987, Mr Hanks started Hanks & Tully Advertising and served as President/CEO. After selling his interest in Hanks & Tully, he joined Soundview Media as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

In 1995, Mr Hanks started Centerpin Technology, Inc. with one U.S. patent. Since that time, he has been instrumental in growing the patent portfolio to 17 U.S. and numerous foreign patents. In addition to being an inventor, Mr Hanks manages the company's intellectual property, strategic partnerships and licensing. His business relationships include 3M, Air Force Special Operations and the White House Communications Department. In the consumer electronics industry, he has licensed numerous products that are currently being sold under the RCA, GE and Acoustic Research Brands.

Mr. Hanks is serving his sixth term on the Consumers Electronics Association Accessories Board serving as Vice Chairman and the Small Business Council in which he is a member of the Expert Mentoring Program, advising in the areas of patents and licensing. Mr. Hanks was the presenter of a web cast forum sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association in 2003. The subject was intellectual properties and was entitled 'Little Guy in the World of Giants'. He has been featured in the 2005 Inventors Guidebook, Florida Trend, Vision, Dealerscope and NW Florida Business Climate Magazine.