Centerpin Wins 2009 International Innovation Award

NXG 5 Second Speaker Wire Termination System for DBL Distributing LLC

"This speaker wire termination system is a truly revolutionary solution, designed to be fast and easy for the user with top tier performance and great versatility" said Hanks. Consumers and installation professionals can now easily terminate speaker wire to perfection in 5 seconds, or an entire home theater system in less than five minutes. Installation is so simple, it can literally be done blindfolded. This high compression technology is uniquely designed to ensure a flawless termination every time. It requires no measuring or stripping insulation. Simply push the wire through the hole in the compression cap onto the pin and compress.

Aside from the obvious installation advantages, the 24KT Gold pin suspended in crystal clear acrylic just looks cool!! From a performance standpoint, this high compression system provides a copper crushing connection onto the super conductive 24kt gold plated pin. It makes contact with individual strands along the sides and on the ends at the pins base for maximum electrical flow while creating a barrier to oxidation and corrosion.

Centerpin Wins 2010 International Innovation Award

Centerpin Quick Connect Wall Plate / Speaker Wire Termination System

In 10 seconds, consumers and installation professionals can easily terminate an in-wall speaker wire to perfection with this patented 360° high compression wall plate technology. No measuring or stripping required.

Ensure optimum performance your home theater system and eliminate the need to buy additional connectors at the same time. The patented Centerpin wall plate splices speakers wires together internally with a gold plated super conductive pin. The double ended pin makes contact with the strands inside the wires insulation for maximum electrical flow while creating a natural barrier to oxidation and corrosion. Installing each speaker wire takes only seconds and requires no tools or experience. The whole job can be completed by a novice in two to three minutes.

Winning six International Innovation Awards was the beginning of ongoing media exposure in print and television outlets in the marine, automotive and consumer media. Centerpin patented innovation, which simplified connection technology, eliminates the standard practice of stripping insulation and soldering. This technology revolutionized a broad range of electrical and coaxial connection products used in aftermarket and original equipment applications. Today, Centerpin continues to innovate with the most recent patent issued in February 2008.


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